This policy applies to users of Spritely’s Application, Services or Site. The definitions in this Policy are consistent with the “Key Terms” used in the Terms & Conditions

Collection of Information
Spritely Collects Information:
  1. That you provide in the process of setting up using the Application, Services or Site
    1. Information you include on your Profile (including but not limited to name, e-mail, phone number, login name and password, address, payment or banking information, government identification numbers, birth date, photo, personal interests)
    2. Information about vehicle or insurance (for City Experts)
    3. Direct contact with Spritely (including customer service inquiries)
    4. Direct contact with other Members (City Experts to Clients)

  2. Created when using the Services (including but not limited to location, contracts between City Experts and Clients, usage and device information)
    1. Location information as determined through GPS, IP address or WiFi. Spritely collects information when the Application is running in the foreground (open and on screen) or in the background (open but not on screen) on your device
    2. Ratings and comments of City Experts.
    3. Transaction information related to use of Services, including but not limited to the date and time the Service was provided, amount charged, and distance travelled.
    4. Information from the device you are using including but not limited to hardware models, operating systems and versions, software, preferred languages, advertising identifiers, serial numbers and mobile network information.
    5. Any information shared through the Chat function.

  3. From Third Party **sources
    1. Social media sources including but not limited to Facebook, Google *** or other websites that you have used to create your Profile.
    2. Insurance providers (for City Experts).
    3. Financial service providers (for City Experts).
Use of Information
Spritely uses information:

Cookies and Third Party Technologies
Spritely uses cookies and other identification technologies on the Application and Site for the purpose: Information Sharing and Disclosure
Spritely may share information with: Information Retention and Deletion
Spritely retains information while your Profile remains active, unless you request deletion of your information or Profile. In some cases we may retain certain information from your even if you delete your Profile:
  1. If there is an unresolved issue relating to your Profile, including but not limited to an outstanding credit or unresolved dispute.
  2. If we are required to by applicable law.
  3. If it is necessary for legitimate business interests including but not limited to fraud prevention, or enhancing Member’s safety and security.
Privacy Settings
Spritely allows Members to edit their privacy settings through:
  1. In-app privacy settings
    1. Allows Members to set or update location, contact sharing preferences and notification preferences.
  2. Device permissions
    1. Most mobile platforms have defined certain types of device data that Applications cannot access without your consent.
  3. In-app ratings pages
    1. After each Contract is complete, the Clients will be able to rate and comment on City Experts and vice versa
  4. Marketing opt-outs
    1. You may opt out of receiving promotional e-mails from Spritely by following the instructions in those messages.
    2. If you do opt out, Spritely may still send you non-promotion e-mails, such as receipts for your Contracts or information about your Profile.
Updates to This Policy
If Spritely updates this Policy it will inform all active Members with a Profile. To the extent permitted under applicable law, by using our services after such notice, you consent to our updated Policy.